The Nissan GT-R still on track…

we just got in some more samples of the much anticipated Nissan GT-R. the first one is small in stature but huge in anticipation –  it is the unveiling of our 1:64 Nissan GT-R Police version from our Need For Speed Undercover line. this baby is due out in early spring, 2009.


why don’t they make cop cars like these? don’t you think we would obey the law just a little more if we knew the authority figure behind us could do 193 mph and packed 480 hp.

on a more “realistic” note, we have 2 stock 1:43 scale samples from the Bburago line – red and white. these are not fully approved yet, but we’ll share just a taste of them with you anyway. enjoy!




5 thoughts on “The Nissan GT-R still on track…

  1. omg those car are amazing i love the nissan gtr police cruiser when are u gonna sell it i will buy 1 and i wouldnt care if i got pulled over by that car dang!

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