Dirt Demons Unleashed!

this time of year is always fun for us as we start to see some of our new concepts materialize into hard core samples. such is the case with our new for 09 line – Dirt Demons.


our objective was simple – take some of our basic 3″ truck tools, make ’em look the way we would want them to look if price was not a factor, put them on steroids, and unleash the hounds. oh, and one other thing – let’s make ’em fun by putting a pull-back motor in them. here is a couple example of what we are talking about, these are non-licensed:



here is a version of a Jeep Rescue concept we made for them 3 years ago – now it looks like something you would want to own – complete with roof rack, and black wheels:


more of a ford truck guy?


dodge ram?


or, and i’m sure you knew this was coming, maybe a hummer hx?


whichever direction your off-road truck desires leads you, dirt demons has you covered. and soon, we’ll show off the dirt demons desert run playset. adios muchachos.


2 thoughts on “Dirt Demons Unleashed!

  1. Boa Tarde,

    Gostaria de parabeniza-los pela fabricação dos carrinhos, são maravilhosos um mais lindo que o outro. Eu tenho um filho de 4 anos e sempre que posso compro mais carrinhos para ele, cada vez que vou a loja brigo comigo mesmo, pois não sei qual levar. São tantos que não sei qual levar e hoje as minhas possibilidades não são para comprar muitos, mas mesmo assim fico doidinha pois não sei qual levar.
    Vocês estão de parabens.


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