The Evolution of Towing

or in our case, the evolution of one of our best selling customized skus, the 1:64 elite transport. it’s weird, because we heard collectors really only like the single pack 1:64 scale, in the package, pristine and pure. and while we sell a lot of 1:64 pro rods, all stars, and back in the day, playe*z (legal reasons, y’know), the numbers on elite transport just keep cranking.

it was around march, 2006. we are sitting around, as usual, trying to come up with another item for the sales slugs. we have an item in 1:24 called show haulers, a truck or suv with a trailer and another 1:24 vehicle. it did ok, but pricing got out of hand so it slowed way down. but we thought, what about 1:64? why not. the slugs luved it, we luved it, so we were off and running. we targeted a spring 07 launch. the easiest to start with was a trailer and 2 vehicles.


then we decided on another tool,  a maisto flatbed. we all liked the idea, and by the beginning of 2007 we were shipping it.


are the sales slugs happy yet? oh yeah, but not as happy as they would be with another. can you give us something to haul all those cool outlaws castro is always yappin’ about? hmm, not exactly in the same era, but how about a 57 chevy – would that do?


sales took off, especially at target. the slugs came back to us, like a crackhead fiendin’ for another hit: give me more. just one more. capd, always concerned about our sales brethren, said sure, why not!





we just got those samples in, so they should be in the stores in early january. but of course, we were still concerned. we knew the slugs wouldn’t stop. they couldn’t.  so before they even asked,  we came up with this one, due out in the beginning of 2009


and there you have it. a best-seller for us, and, we hope, a favorite of yours. enjoy.


14 thoughts on “The Evolution of Towing

  1. Thank you guys for the great pieces! Thanks for Slugs for pushing them out 🙂 …

    Can’t forget your 1/64 Transporter Semi’s!!!! Those are hot also.

  2. Bought a police auto hauler, bought a couple trailer haulers, bought a rollback, looks like a few more wrecker/haulers are in the future. Very nice!!

  3. Im liking these alot as every Diecast Collection needs Tow Trucks or Haulers to Haul away them junkers or Haulers to Tow them Show Cars for them Local Shows……

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