The Ford Story


as everyone knows, the big 3 auto companies are submitting plans today on what they will do with the money should they get the bridge loan they are asking for from congress. our pals over in the licensing arm at Ford forwarded this link to us that spells out what ford’s plan is. we are not playing favorites, but if anyone has their act together, it seems to be ford. hit the link below to check out the Ford Story – it is pretty interesting reading, and we wish them luck.

The Ford Story

here is a direct link to the alan mulally video

Thanks for the info John N.!


2 thoughts on “The Ford Story

  1. Amen! ArteCar24 hit my only gripe with Maisto right on the head. If you want to be taken seriously as a serious force in diecast, you cannot “adjust” scales to meet your requirements. You have so many cars I would have bought by the case had they been in 1/24 and not 1/26 or 1/27, the ’66 Lincoln and ’60 Ford being the most glaring examples. A Maisto 1/26 Lincoln parked next to a Maisto 1/24 ’05 Mustang just looks ridiculous, as it’s only barely larger than the Mustang. My advice to Maisto is stop engineering your cars to fit the box. Do the right thing. Your increased sales will reward your efforts.

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