Another Couple of Catalog Cover Entries

back in august we were sharing with you some of the designers entries for the catalog cover for 2009. then we fell off into the abyss that was preparation for the global sales meeting and the dallas toy show. far be it from us to not complete our mission, however, so please find our second runner up, submitted by ralfie, r2b2.


r2b2 actually gave us 2 versions on this theme, with 2 different background treatments. here is his second version:


both good, strong entrants. r2b2 won the catalog cover contest 3 years running from 2005-2007, so you know he’s got game.

actually, he also has the runner up-entry. we’ll get to that in a couple of weeks, and then unveil the winning design january 1st.


3 thoughts on “Another Couple of Catalog Cover Entries

  1. thats sweet i didnt know maisto had a catalog im gonna my buy 1 but i dont no where to get it if anyone know’s can u send me a link thanks

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