How Rare is Rare Follow- Ford Thunderbird

back in the early days of august, charlesmaisto wrote a little post about the rarity of 1 of our tools, a 1999 Ford Thunderbird Concept –( How Rare…). Here is the photo that accompanied the story:


At the end of the post, he asked the simple question, What Do You Think? well, you should really only end a post with a question if you want some responses, cuz we got a ton of them. basically, everyone is interested to add this model to their collections, some wanted larger scale, others wanted interiors, yet others wanted more detail. where it is possible, we listen to you, and ford did as well, as they have granted us the rights to add this model into our line for 2009. no big deal, really, since they are out of production on the thunderbird anyway, and, well, it is not as if they should be turning down any offers at this point, right? it is easy for us, no tooling modifications, no interior (sorry folks), but it will be in the line.

now traditionally, we make our 3″ in 1 color per year, unless there is a special promotion going on. so now, our faithful readers, we ask you, in what color would you like to see the 1999 ford thunderbird?


22 thoughts on “How Rare is Rare Follow- Ford Thunderbird

  1. Checking in after responding on the August request. Glad you have decided to go for it for 2009. Any of those colors will do, white is rare to find, but I picked on the merlot as it sold quite well in 04. A new color each year is just fine with me – gives me something to look forward to each year.

  2. Thank you for this model. I checked other for the color because my thought is to start with the first color that came out. I sure do wish that you that you would “PLEASE” reconsider one with out a top, and make two of the same color, one top on and one top off.

  3. If you are going to continue to call it the T-bird Concept Car then it should come in one of the three concept colors – yellow, red or black. RED is by far the best of the concept colors. No matter what color is chosen – thanks for producing this model!

  4. 2002 to 2005 Thunderbird models of any size are just not available in most stores anymore. Why not re-new the contracts to produce them again, & in all colors? We will be watching for any that are available. Thanks for making such wonderful models.
    Jim & Kay (aka: PRETTYBIRD)

  5. Thank you so much for bringing this model out. In the past, the T-Bird models came in all different colors with the exception of the Medium Steel Blue. Please, please make this model in this color!

  6. I don’t like the wheels and I don’t like the painted windshield frame. Are the tail lights red? And I think it should be Black. That yellow one looks like a kids toy, not a scale model. I wouldn’t buy it.

  7. Thanks for producing the model of the one car that TBird enthusiasts just can’t get enough of. Hopefully, you folks will do all of the colors eventually. Concentration on those not previously done in other scales would be a plus. Medium Steel Blue and Vintage Mint Green would top the list from above. Merlot is also a popular choice, along with Whisper White. Both were previously produced in other scales, but in limited quantities, especially the white. When can we expect to see these, and at which retailers?

  8. just want to thank everyone for voting on your favorite color and for all of the feedback. the plan right now is for this to be in 3″, which means it is a toy, not a scaled replica. initially it will be in the color pictured. it also is the reason it has relatively little detail. it will be in the fresh metal ine, which means your best shot is walmart, probably in Q2. we also have this as part of our 1/18 line.

  9. Heard recent rumor from another respondent above that he heard that Maisto has put this model on hold when he asked about ordering a quantity of the model? and that it is now in limbo as to whether it will be produced or not. Is there truth to what he was told?

    • there is no way this model is on hold. the tool has been done a while ago. the license has been done a while ago. it is happening for sure. slam dunk, baby.

  10. Haven’t seen any update on this model. It may be licensed but there sure isn’t any sign of it in Maisto’s products on this site. I even noticed that the 56 thunderbird doesn’t show up anymore on this site though I still see one very occasionally on the market. Is it now put off til next year to release? Saw a rumor (photo) a couple of months ago that another color was being considered now but still no sign on the market. This is becoming like the Ford manage the wait program when this retro was first due on the market.

  11. If anyone is still following this blog entry, just read a report on that this long awaited release has made it to the Walmart stores now. It’s in Thunderbird blue.

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