NFS Undercover – Uncovered!

EA has officially dropped their highly anticipated new installment of the need for speed franchise – nfs undercover. some collectors have already caught a glimpse of our products in the walmart stores, but we have been limited by what we could show on-line, until now. since the game is out, we are going to uncover some of what we have in the marketplace now, and a little of what is coming.


remember, our nfs undercover comes with a code which, when entered into a real nfs undercover game (ps3, xbox 360, computer platforms) unlocks a special vehicle which looks suprisingly like the die-cast you just purchased.

also remember, our nfs undercover line is the only way you can get some of these models customized at all. porsche does not allow it. audi does not allow it. nissan, especially with their gtr, does not allow it. but ea has some strong pull, and we’ve got it for this line! each vehicle comes emblazoned with the NFS logo on the rear of the roof, and needforspeed subtly scrolled across the rear window.

1:64 wave 1 will ultimately have 6 vehicles. 4 of them are ready now (shown below), and 2 more are following shortly.

1969 dodge charger r/t


2006 chevrolet camaro concept


1965 pontiac gto


and because it is almost all mustang, all day today, the 2006 mustang gt


the 2 that are “coming soon”: the 2006 lamborghini murcielago lp640 and the 2008 porsche 911 gt2.

interested in some 1:24 scale – click the jump below

there will be 5 titles offered in 1/24 scale. we have photos of all 5, although they are not all “official” yet. but we are all friends here, so enjoy;

the 2006 mustang gt



the 1969 dodge charger r/t


the 2006 lamborghini murcielago lp640


and the 2008 audi r8


there is a 5th title, i am trying to think of what it is. mmm – let me see… checking my notes…



mmm. let me find it and i’ll get back to you on it…


8 thoughts on “NFS Undercover – Uncovered!

  1. i should like to have your complete catologue for 1:24 and to know how can i buy your model in LODI ( Italy )
    thank you very much

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