2010 Ford Mustang – No More Teases Please!

sorry – i have other work to do today, i can’t keep writing these posts. without further ado, the 2010 Ford Mustang GT, convertible, in 1:18 scale from Maisto International.


available in 2 colors – torch red and yellow jacket metallic



it is not easy to coordinate the release of a 1:18 title with the 1:1 vehicle release from the auto manufacturer. ford met with us last february in germany and we agreed to make it. we met again in hong kong in april, and they saw the first blush of a tooling model. from there it was quite a lot of back and forth to make it perfect. many props has to go to patrick m. from bsg and our own brian, engineer extraordinaire in hk.

product is available tomorrow (we have had it in stock). we will also have it available in power racers and 1:64 scale.

there is one more color, but more on that in the next post…


9 thoughts on “2010 Ford Mustang – No More Teases Please!

  1. Hats off to our friends at Maisto for producing a beautiful 1:18 scale model of the 2010 Mustang!! We are proud of our affiliation with the MayCheong Group and especially want to thank Rick, Charles, Roger, Brian, Sonya, Elizabeth, Jim and the Ngan family for their support! Here’s to a successful launch of your model and the real car in 2009!!!
    Sincerely, Mark Bentley, Ford Motor Company, Global Brand Licensing

  2. The model looks great, but I never was a real fan of convertibles: when are we going to see a 1:18 Ford Mustang Coupe? (2010 of course)

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