2010 Ford Mustang GT Conv. – One More Thing…

when we first started to discuss the 1:18 2010 mustang project with the folks from ford, they indicated that the brand team would be interested in putting together a promotional piece to hand out to press and important guests at the launch. this was back in april, and i distinctly remember telling them the only way we would do it is if we could write it up on the double d. of course, that made no sense,  we obviously would jump at the chance for this type of promotion. we have done many of these premiums before, such as the launch of the new thunderbird, the p.t. cruiser, the mercedes-benz slr mclaren, the porsche carerra gt, and many others. but this is the first since the creation of the daily dose, so we are pleased to share with you the

official un-boxing of the Promo Kit for the 2010 Ford Mustang.

the exterior shipper box looks like a wooden crate, and has the new pony emblem “burned” on top.


the inside box is custom as well.


even the back of the package is cool, loaded with stats about the 1:1 stang.


here is the vehicle out of the box and sitting on it’s plastic display stand.


the box insert is very cool and shows off various racing mustang vehicles from the last 40 years – including dates and drivers.


of course, an official press kit is not complete without a certificate of authenticity.


as you can see, 4000 were made in the custom candy red metallic color. we will not use that color again. our stock version is a brighter torch red.

but when it is all said and done, it is all about the car. here are some beauty shots of a truly beautiful car – hats off to the folks at ford for a great effort, and best of luck!





there you go. special thanks go out to brian, ada, and the group in hk, to mike t at dmv, charles and jim here at the ranch, and of course, everyone at ford and bsg.


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