New 1:24 Elite Transport

wow, this whole blogging thing is kind of wierd. it seems, and correct me if i am wrong, that if we keep putting up posts that you all are interested in, that you keep coming back, and our hits on the site goes up. could this be true? well, i am going to believe that it is, so we’ll step up the posts a little bit.


we have a new line coming out, based in part on our wildly successful 1:64 elite transport series, which has been, well, wildly successful. we are moving on up for 2009, into the new 1:24 scale elite transport. in this version, we are starting with one of 2 tools, either a 1948 ford f-1 pick-up truck, or a 2009 maisto tow transport. both models will come in tons of versions, starting with the following 4:





and yes, the towing apparatus in the back is operational. first on board with the 1:24 elite transport will be Target, beginning in spring 2009. that means january, if not sooner, in the stores.


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