1:18 Lamborghini Reventon Review

over here at the dd we don’t like to write too much about our twin sistah from a different motha, BBurago. not that we don’t love our sister, like a sister, but they have their own site, we have ours, blah blah blah… but once in a while we got to put it down. especially as it related to 1:18 scale. especially as it relates to our friends at Die Cast X Magazine, who show us love in each and every single issue. which is good, cause they are moving up to 6 issues next year, from the past 4 per year. check them out on-line at:

Die Cast X Magazine

the most recent issue has a number of maisto items featured, and also included a beautiful review by Matt Boyd of the BB 1:18 Reventon. it is an outstanding model, the one car i have on my desk, and matt really calls out the finer points in his review. check it out below:


sorry – we are working on a d/l pdf of he review – hope to get that to you soon…

thanks Matt!


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