2010 Ford Mustang

as just about everyone knows, Ford will soon be unveiling a brand new version of their iconic Mustang. the marketing folks over at Ford have even created a separate section on their website devoted to teasing the hell out of their fans with all but complete shots of the 2010 car. there is even a countdown clock which if my math is right would indicate that the official unveiling of this car is wednesday, november 19th, at midnight, pdt. check out their website to catch all the action – it is really pretty cool.

The 2010 Mustang

now, why would we share this with you? cause we like the folks at ford, and we are pulling for them? well that is obvious. but could there be any other reasons? hmmm.


more to follow…


5 thoughts on “2010 Ford Mustang

  1. On 11/18/08 I went to the 2010 car showing and got a 1:18 diacast model car for coming to the show, when I got home and looked at my new car the spooler on the trunk was gone, I took the boxes all apart to see if it was in their and it was not their, do you know where I can get one, I got the red car,I just got my 2009 mustang I ordered and it is the same color
    thanks for your help Glenn Drake

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