World Cup Qualifier Division 2: Brazil 2 – Hong Kong 1

in a recent match held in hong kong that somehow eluded the international sports columns, the brazilian national team eked out a minor victory against the over-matched but strong-hearted hong kong national team by a score of 2 to 1. true, the brazilian team was missing stars such as robinho, ronaldinho, and kaka, but they still had sergio, priscilla, and others.

not sure if they were managed by roger (blue shirt, obviously soaked in champagne) or if he was just bandwaggoning with the winning team…

here are a couple of group photos with both teams, obviously putting the animosity of the hard-fought match aside:

one member of the losing team indicated the game might have been lost intentionally in an effort to convince the winners to purchase more goods from maisto-bburago. not sure if it is true, but conspiracy theorists will probably be weighing in on the controversy soon.

congrats to all participants.


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