website update: Links/ Friends and Partners

just to let you all know we updated our friends and partners portion of the website, which can be found in the links tab. we tell you this, because we want you all to visit every one of our friends and partners many, many, many times. and keep checking back, as we will add more links all the time.

and we especially want you to visit the lamborghini store, which is brand new and just live as of today. click below to head over and check out some real italian style.

Lamborghini Store

we bring you news about the on-line Lamborghini Store for 2 reasons:

1. our friend in sant’ agata, elisa, asked us to, and we do just about anything she asks.

2. when the boys in the design room fall short on what to get their boss for the holidays, they now know his favorite on-line shop (and i don’t mean all the maisto and bburago die-cast they offer – although that is pretty cool.)


One thought on “website update: Links/ Friends and Partners

  1. hello,
    sorry but my english isn´t so good because i´m from germany. but i have a problem and i hope you can help us. we were in berlin on holiday and i have bought for my son the car (Maisto 1:18 PLAYERZ Hummer H2 SUV 31055 ) from your company. at home we saw that many things are broken at this car but we don´t have an idea what to do because we can´t come in this shop anymore (1000 km). it would be very nice from you if you can help us to get a new car without any damages.
    thanks for your help,
    doris ertl
    p.s. we already have many of the maisto cars and all of them were okay !!

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