Maisto On The Road: Next Stop – Czech Republic

last year we received some photos and a short recap from our friend Pavel – distributor extraordinaire in the czech republic. pavel is always feeding us cool stuff he is doing over there as he promotes maisto and our twin sistah from a different mother, bburago. when he sent last years kart race information, it really got us going on the idea of a blog, cuz it’s cool, cuz we think you it’s the kind of thing you would like to see, and cuz he just PLASTERS maisto and bburago all over everything. earlier in the year we had shown you some pro kart racing – this is more on the younger side of the competition pendulum:

one set of the boys group winners:

and one set of the girls group winners:

is it just me, or does that girl in pink look pretty stoked to be there? congrats to all the champs, runner-ups, and other participants. and of course, our thanks to pavel for making it all happen.


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