if you see this in your rearview mirror – pull over FAST!

the kind folks at lamborghini just donated their newest production ride – a gallardo lp560-4, to the head of the italian state police for use on the roadways of italy. the press release states the purpose is to “continue accident and crime prevention to sustain security on the italian roads.” uh, ok, but i’m telling you, if i am driving in italy and i see this i am stopping and gawking and i don’t care who runs into me. actually, i am probably going to intentionally do something illegal just so i can check it out.

rome already has a 1st gen gallardo polizia version on the road, already clocking nearly 62,000 miles. a second gallardo has been in service in bologna since 2005.

maisto actually had the 1st gen up until last year in 1/18 scale

the electronics in the real car are definitely from some futuristic world. upon spotting a suspicious driver, a proof video data system is activated. using gps, current speed, and vehicle location, the computer will accurately determine the speed of the pursued vehicle. thus, the “but officer, I was only going 63 mph” is pretty much rendered useless.

the Lamborghini is used for urgent medical transportation too, as the luggage compartment is equipped with a refrigeration system for safe transportation of donor organs. or, in extreme circumstances, a 24 pack of moretti. dude, the kidney is shot, just pop me another cold one.

click below to dl a pdf of the official press release from lamborhini on this ride…

Gallardo Polizia Press Release

thanks again to our pal elisa for sending us the info!


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