Ring of Fire!!!

So my buddy R2B2 texts me this morning…”Hey guys, we had to evac our home last night, woke up to someone banging on my door screaming “Fire!”, looked out my bedroom window and saw a great wall of fire! Literally yards away from my backyard wall. I’ll send pics soon, we’re barely getting back home now and are on standby in case the fire comes back”……yadda yadda….expletives…yadda. I thought to myself, this guy, he’ll do anything to get out of a meeting with the bosses… you know? No seriously, I was like whoa! That’s craziness. I hope him and the family are OK.

It was then that I realized, I was barely going to bed last night at 2am cause I was trying to prepare for this meeting today, and he was getting rudely awakened? Hmmm. What’s up with that? Anyhoo I’m glad R2B2 and the fam made it home safely and everything was still there when they got back. And after seeing these photos, which tell quite a story, I’m amazed that nothing was damaged. My hats off to those Firemen that kept the flames at a distance!!! You Guys Rock!

and it looks like the fire brought out a nice little visitor! hey friend…I’m just gonna pet you, I’m not trying to harm you little buddy, just gonna take a….OUCH!!!!


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