greek toy show, anyone?

we have resisted so far – 120 posts or so and we have managed to stay away from posting specifically about our twin sister from a different mother bburago. but this was too cool, and there was no maisto slant on it what-so-ever, and cuz bburago does not have a blog, we just had to show you this. a toy show in greece, no big deal to start. i mean, i would be unable to explain those that are cruising down the escalator, but i am just a blogger, no more…

i usually opt for black silks when i attend a show, but i usually don’t go to shows in greece, and you know what they say. but that is not the point of the story.

looks like a nicely attended affair, don’t you think?

not sure why they spell bburago with one b, but hey, who am i…

but then, the object of our affection….

i am a total pushover for this stuff. wrap your car in our logos and it will be on the blog – no question about it. here is another beauty shot…

much thanks to the folks that put the show on, and for the use of this beautiful Porsche – we hope we see it again soon


3 thoughts on “greek toy show, anyone?

  1. Hi, i read about a new Seat León Cupra in 1/24 by Bburago. This will be the first spanish Bburago car, can you put an scoop from this ???
    Thanks in advance !!!

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