i’ve always liked steven colbert

you know colbert – famous for the colbert report (don’t pronounce either t), before that a “reporter” on the daily show with john stewart? look, i’m like the next guy, i just want my news given to me straight, no chaser. that’s why i get all my news from comedy central. and none better to deliver it with a distinctive right-hand slant than colbert. the other night he had on bob lutz, the car czar of gm. lutz is a little out of his league here, so colbert is basically sparring with himself, until the very end, where lutz gives colbert a mini volt. hmm, anyone know who makes that 1:32 beauty? hmm. oh wait, i know, none other than our twin sister from a different mother bburago. that’s right fans – and here is a pic of a VERY happy colbert with his prize…

and here is one of lutz giving him the car…

and if you are interested in hearing colbert go on about crusty women and running a volt off of a hummer lighter socket, see the clip here.

Bob Lutz on the Colbert Report

thanks to o’neill for sending it over.


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