oh yeah – remember way back when we told you of a really big story? and then yesterday we apologized, but said it might be coming today? well BOOM! Maisto is pleased to announce a new partnership with Electronic Arts to produce a line of die-cast based on the their new game, Need For Speed Undercover, launching on November 18. check it out…

here is the deal – each vehicle has it’s own code located somewhere on the package – plug the code into a game that you are playing and Boom! you are now playing with a vehicle that looks just like the Maisto dc you just bought.

here is the “official” press release if you want to download (pdf) spelling everything out…

Need For Speed – Maisto Press Release

aside from an awesome partnership with a high-level company, collectors will be especially pleased at some of the new casts that will be coming out over the next 10 months – 12 brand new 1:64 scale. you won’t believe some of the designs – we’ll pass them along in the dd as we get closer to release dates. in the US – 1:64 scale will be available at WalMart to coincide with the game release on November 18.

for more information on the video game, take a look at the Need For Speed Undercover website

Need For Speed Undercover

and check back to the dd for more information on titles, designs, etc…



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