GSM Report #3 – The Meeting and the Tour…

last week maisto and bburago held their 2 annual global sales meeting in hong kong. about 30 reps and distributors from around the globe along with about 25 company people gathered to hear the state of the biz, and to get a preview of the offerings for 2009. the meeting was held at the grand stanford hotel, an excellent facility because they had this really big screen which showed off everyone’s powerpoint presentations really well. that, and the room was mostly square, as opposed to last years rectangle that had the most unlucky participants sitting back at the goal line while the action was taking place at the opposite end. this year, we had tables with pretty tablecloths:

on the other side of the room, we had more tables:

all total, the meeting lasted about 6 hours, including lunch, and about 627 powerpoint slides. most of these had to do with raw material cost increases…

on friday, we took a tour of macao. about a 50 minute ferry trip from hong kong. macao is a lot like hk, except it is less crowded, and has a lot of casinos. we like it!

first stop is lotus square, which has a lucky lotus flower in full bloom, and weighs in at 6.5 tons. when we get off the bus, one of our resident smart-a***es (JIM M.) comes up with the idea to take pics of everyone taking the pics. of course, i say, brilliant!

here is another one, or is it 2???

and the object of their attention, lotus blossum:

after that, it was off to wynn’s hotel and casino. complete with fountains in the front and another lucky tree thing in the lobby:

this one rose from the ground (the floor opens, unlike how most trees grow), and then turns from green to gold (also unlike most trees):

ok, off to some real sight-seeing, a visit to the ruins of st paul church, which had burned down, leaving only the facade:

then it was off to some burial grounds / church area, where the incense was intense. here are some of the maisto faithful finding a small bit of shade:

next, it was off to the venetian for some well deserved rest and air conditioning. here are our gracious hosts hoisting a cold one trying to stave off the heat:

then it was off to the macau tower, atop 61 stories for a fine buffet dinner.

but not before i stepped out for a little fresh air… click to see it, and stay with it after the lame opening interview…

the jump…

and then it was back on the bus, back to the ferry, and back to hong kong. good times, ya’all – good times. thanks to everyone for making it happen.


2 thoughts on “GSM Report #3 – The Meeting and the Tour…

  1. Great PICS Rick! When do we get to see all the others?
    And you gotta slap in the link of you jumping off that building..what was it? 2 stories..3,4? Oh yeah…66 stories!!!!

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