GSM Report #1 – New Dirt

there is some new dirt on the horizon for maisto, and DD is giving you the inside scoop. conceived by our german distributor, and given it’s soul by your friends in fontana, the new dirt riders line is sure to make you feel a little grimy, maybe a little dusty, all in a good way of course. think of an off-road truck, coming back after a long w/e in the trails, gas prices be damned, not yet hitting the drive-thru car wash – that’s dirt riders. each piece is unique in it’s mud sprayed design, and titles will be available in both 1:24 and 1:18. first up, the 1:18 H2 SUT:

next is the 1:18 jeep rescue – a concept vehicle a couple of years ago, but they might as well get it a little dirty…

and the last of the 1:18s, for now, also a concept, but rumored to be appearing in the new blockbuster next summer, the hummer hx:

we have a couple of 1:24 to show you as well, starting with the mercedes-benz m class (hey, our german distributor came up with the idea – we had to throw them a bone, right???):

and also check out the brand new hummer h3t:

there you have it friends – light-bars, brush guards, off-road tires, and dirt. you got to love it. in germany this xmas, in the usa in spring.


9 thoughts on “GSM Report #1 – New Dirt

  1. these are all great looking trucks . but 1/10 scale would be the only thing im interested in
    so will there be a 1/10 hummer hx ?

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