The Way We Roll… In Slovakia!!!

see, this is why I need to spend more time in Hong Kong. i am in the office not more than 30 minutes and they are already feeding me stuff from other parts of the world. this time, our friend Pavel, distributor extraordinaire in Slovakia. he has some new liveries on his delivery vans that we thought you might like to see.

we are in hong kong for our second annual global sales meeting, which brings together all of our global distributors, sales reps from the americas, and staff in one big kumbaya meeting where we go over all of our new stuff for 2009. honestly we have been preparing for this like madmen (and madwomen), which is why the posts have been a little weak lately. hopefully we’ll pick up the pace a little bit over the next week or so, and we’ll bring you as much info as we are allowed to reveal. check back often


3 thoughts on “The Way We Roll… In Slovakia!!!

  1. sweet lookin van..
    2008 motogp are on sale in the south east(singapore).
    cool!! time to add up 2 my collection.
    but 1st, i must get a bigger display cabinet.

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