Kustom Korner!

So we opened up the lines of communication to you and we have been overwhelmed by the amount of cool photos and stories we are receiving. Maisto has built a reputation for outstanding craftsmanship and an affordable, high quality die-cast model. Sometimes things aren’t tailored exactly the way some people prefer them though, and that’s when the kustomizers kick into gear and let their creativity run wild!

We received a message from Al C. who has been collecting 1/18 die-cast since 1991, and prior to that was collecting plastic and die-cast 1/24’s. Al re-discovered his passion for modeling after collecting High End models for some time started to become rather expensive and not as appealing to him. He has modded many Maisto models, adding carpet, plug wires, repainting and general detailing, and it has brought great pleasure once again to his collecting. Al says probably about 80% of his mods have been done with Maisto products.

Here are some photos of Al’s awesome customs, and some links so you can check out more of his work!

Diablo SV
Ford GT-90
’03 Cobra
Cayanne Turbo
Ron Fellow C4
Last C6
Night Rod
C6 Grand Sport
Convertible C5 Grand Sport
Chevelle trio
CHiP Z06
Texas DPS Mustang
CHiP Mustang
’65 GTO
’67 Camaro
Pete Estes ’67 Z/28 convertible

Way to go Al! We look forward to seeing more of your work and posting about future projects. If you have customs of your own or cool Maisto related stories to share, feel free to send them over and we will post them up on the blog!


3 thoughts on “Kustom Korner!

  1. Thanks Guys! You guys make a great product and like the guy on TV, I like to take them up a notch! Modding them has really brought back enjoyment to the hobby for me. I am working on a couple of ’03 Cobras, a Mystichrome and Competition orange and a couple of 10th Anniversary ’03 Cobras. (you guys should make them).

    Thank you for posting my work, and I hope that others share their creations with us.

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