1:24 Nissan GT-R: first photos

Here’s the latest in our continuing series following the making of a die-cast car from start to finish.

We just received the pre-production sample from our in-house model builders. We will be sending it to the Nissan license agent for their review. So, it’s possible that there will be some minor changes before it goes into production.

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words so we’ll quit writing and you can start looking. By the way, if you ever needed a car to speed around in underground, this might be the one.

Here’s a photo of one our master craftsmen working on the tooling model (the hand-made model that was the oversized prototype for the steel molds that will be used for the production models).


23 thoughts on “1:24 Nissan GT-R: first photos

  1. very nice to see the almost “final” product. One thing that is really irking me is the rather large gap between the front clip and the front tire…Maybe its just the angle…I hope it is….Everything else looks VERY YUMMY! Just saw my first R35 here in Virginia Beach, Virginia….Damn near wrecked!!!!!!!

  2. yea the front overhang does seem a little long, maybe its just the angle, other than that, this thing looks sweet. You guys are gonna release it in silver, right?

  3. Thanks for the comments. We should have a review from Nissan in a week or two. We haven’t decided yet whether to release it in a second color. If we do, silver would be a great choice.

  4. What can i say ? Finally – this “supercar” is been launched in 1/24 format. I have been waiting for this a long time … now i cannot wait for it to reach the shores of South Africa. Seeing these pictures makes me so impatient. Colour at present makes no difference to me, as long as i can have one of these in my show cabinet is all that matters.

  5. Hello,

    I am a Business Development Associate with Micro-Mark, Inc. If you’re not familiar with us, please check out our website at micromark.com. We supply precision tools and other supplies used in scale model construction. I’m wondering if you ever sell ad space on this blog? Get back to me if you get a chance. Thanks. Adam Frisoli

  6. Pleased to hear a 1:18 in the offing from Bb.
    Any indications on release? We at diecast xchange are eagerly awaiting it.
    Please release it in white as well !!
    Best regards

  7. I am looking for ONLY the wheels. I hate to tear apart perfectly good cars for the nice wheels. I make car related jewelry. does anyone know where I can get just the wheels or damaged cars?

    • Cecelia, thanks for writing. Sorry, but we don’t have a supply of individual parts available. Also, the wheel hubs are attached with a one-way snap device that makes it difficult to remove them from the axle. If anyone reading this has some extra wheels, add a comment to this post and we’ll pass the message along (but to deter spammers, don’t put your email address in the text of your response).

      • THere is a real need to have replacement parts, particularly for damaged wheels. When you do anticipate having a replacement part supply so that consumers can fix damaged wheels?

      • pflipper, we can replace wheels (or other parts) that are defective from our factory but we haven’t had problems with damaged wheels that I know of. How are the wheels that you mention getting damaged?

  8. I’m a 22 year old brazilian diecast collector (1:18 and 1:24 scales) and I’d like to know what it takes to be a craftsman or a Maisto employee and which professionals are hired!?!
    I’d feel “complete/realized” if I could work with this “amazing world-scale.
    Congratulations on the job! Gr8 job!
    I’m waiting for the all-new 2010 Ford Fusion to put beside the 2006 one… ;D

    • Fernando, thanks for asking. We don’t have any openings at this time and we rarely have any so the opportunities are very, very slim. Our designers at the U.S. office have a wide variety of backgrounds so there isn’t any one way. Probably the best advice would be to do as much designing and customizing of vehicles as you can. Marker, chalk and guache on illustration board is the old-school way and is pretty much gone but it is a good way to develop a style. Mastery of computer art applications like Adobe Illustrator using a pen tablet such as a Wacom is highly desirable — and probably a requirement at most companies. Building and modifying model cars is also a good skill because it forces you to deal with designs in three dimensions and not just a drawing on a computer monitor. CAD skills are also a plus because they let you design in three dimensions, too, and let you “see” your work under a variety of lighting conditions. Good luck!

  9. lovely…amazinggggggggg….
    i am a collector for 1/24 and this is just guud news ..spl the newer models coming up in that scale that is the corvette…370z etc…
    but yes..why iznt there any models of Is-F and bentleys and so on ??

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