Maisto receives Ford licensing award

Maisto received the Communication Award from the Ford Motor Company’s Global Brand Licensing team last week. Presented during the Ford Licensing Forum in Dearborn, Michigan, it recognized Maisto for being the best of all of their licensees (companies that make Ford-branded items) for correctly submitting items for review, communicating to them about revisions, doing our accounting correctly and paying in a timely fashion. So, essentially, we were the best in following the rules on the business side of licensing.

The 4.5-inch tall award is a solid block of clear plastic with a three-dimensional bust of Henry Ford “floating” inside along with the text. As you look at it from different angles, you can see the image of Mr. Ford change, sort of like a hologram. The side view photo shows how it is different from the front view. The white marks in the side view are the edges of the Ford logo and the text.

In small print near the bottom is a quotation from the company founder: “You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do.” That is so true. There is a big difference between talking and doing. Since 1967, Maisto has spent most of the time “doing” — slowly expanding and improving without doing much “talking” until this blog began a few months ago. Other brands are flashier and/or bigger than us but over the long haul, most of them are gone or have changed ownership. Maisto is consistent in bringing you vehicle replicas that look good at a reasonable price and are available worldwide.


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