Back From Vacation, And Ready To Knock One Out!!!

that’s right senors, we were off on a little holiday to the lovely dominican republic, getting out just before tropical storm fay ripped through the island. fortunately we had nothing but sunshine, skimpy swimwear, weak, but plentiful cocktails, intermittant a/c, and lots and lots of food. good times, mis amigos, good times.

so i got back to civilization, didn’t see too much activity on the blog. of course CH hammered another one, leave it to him to write about a vehicle we never made and now we have a new top 10 post – how does he do it??? he is currently on his way back from a conference at ford, hopefully he’ll bring back some nuggets from dearborn that we’ll find interesting.

for me, well, i’ve got one, yes sir i do. and it’s big. a new launch, happening this year. 1:24 and 1:64. but i can’t tell you. not yet. not until wednesday. then, the “official” announcement will be made. for now, let’s just enjoy the sunset, without a need for anything….


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