Heavy Metal!!!

Sometimes we sit and debate on things here in the CAPD. What vehicles to do each year, should the vehicle be lowered or lifted?, graphics or no graphics??? What are we gonna post on the blog today and keep everyone entertained and/or fed on their daily die-cast meal (apparently some people eat them). Explain that one to your dentist… If you remember a while back (you do read this daily right? We thought so!) we posted about B-rad’s son-in-law and our military-themed Elite Transports. (Read More Here)

Well, one of these debates was about reality vs. fantasy. Toy cars are fantasy right? I mean of course we want them to look real, but does one prefer realistic attributes over fantasy and making something look cool and fun? Could a heavy duty truck carry a tank for instance? Maybe, maybe not, but it sure looks bada**! What are your thoughts? E-mail us or comment on the post, we’d love to hear your opinions.


One thought on “Heavy Metal!!!

  1. I would say you would do both. One realistic to honor and/or appease the military and one that is a little fantasyland for those who live there!!

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