It’s a gas!

In addition to the thousands of different Maisto vehicles we make for our regular lines, we also make specially decorated ones for customers. A few days ago ExxonMobil reported a record-setting $11.68 billion in profit for the second quarter (that’s April, May and June only) of 2008. That brought to mind that we made some premium items for them a few years ago. You might have seen them for sale at your local gas station. The 1:24 scale Viper die-casts in Exxon and Mobil decos are from 2004 while the H2 pair (Mobil version not shown) are from 2003.

One good thing about die-casts is that you can enjoy them without having to put fuel in them.


One thought on “It’s a gas!

  1. i remember they beat us up on the pricing of those items also – jeesh – and now the have $11.7b in profit for the quarter.

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