4th runner-up…

as we mentioned a few posts ago,  we had a little competition here to design the 2009 catalog cover for maisto. before we start with some of the runner-ups, how about a look at some of the past catalogs. lets start with 2005, the first year of Custom Shop. we used our Playerz brand to show a rendering by r2b2 of the MB S Class

in 2006, we went with a version of the VW Beetle, also from r2b2

for 2007, the mood switched a little bit from custom to stock, with the use of the dodge challenger concept – r2b2 did this one as well…

we showed you before the cover from this year, designed by jose…

so where does that leave us now. well we got a really cool entry from d-mex, like we would expect anything less. kind of a pre-apolyptical image of die-cast emerging from the ground, which is how it happens in the mind of d-mex.

at any rate, probably a little too close to the end of the world for the bosses, but we hope to use it in an upcoming ad somewhere.

that’s it for now, we’ll share a couple more runner-ups wicha over the next month or so, culminating in the unveiling of the 2009 cover in early october.


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