Daily Dose celebrates post #100

thats right ya’all – it’s our 100th post. 60 days for the 1st 50, another 55 days for the 2nd 50. maybe under 50 days for the next 50 – who knows. but hopefully you are enjoying what we are putting out. one thing is for sure – you enjoy the posts by charles – we can tell that from the stats…

what else do the stats tell us – let’s see… there are a LOT of GT-R fans out there. of our top 10 posts, 5 of them are about our series on the making of a die-cast model, which centers on the GT-R. this includes the #1 post

2009 GT-R: And So It Begins…

the #2 post kind of blows everyone away – that being the recent

1:87 models…but not from Maisto

there are obviously a lot of train geeks out there.

so what about the next 100, you might ask. we can pretty much guarantee a blockbuster announcement or 2, the fulfillment of our contest promise, a few more gratuitous drops of our street troopers commercial, and for sure more motorcycle coverage.

and if we ever run out of ideas, there is always lunch… thanks for your support. and remember – you can always drop us a private line using the


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