Once again it’s the annual gathering of the nerds, comic-geeks, superheroes, scantily clad women, and fanboys! This year has been extremely busy for us in the CAPD and only a couple of Maisto heads were able to make it out. I had my lightsaber ready to go, but sadly did not have time to attend this year. I’m sorry, but it looks like you will have to wait till next year to see the “ghetto jedi”. These photos were taken courtesy of Julia. Thanks Julez!

HULK SMASH little nerd boys!!!!

there are some strange characters in this part of the galaxy!

As always, STAR WARS has a huge presence at Comic-Con. Here they are promoting the new animated movie, STAR WARS: The Clone Wars

I’ll get you Han Solo, and your little Wookie Too!!!

Han Solo frozen in Carbonite! AWESOME!

Hello Ladies! …No Mom, really, I just go to see the comics and my favorite artists! My Mom’s picking me up at 5 if you wanna go grab a bite to eat.

a Bat Cycle with sidecar….like Robin’s not cool enough to ride his own bike! HOLY TRAINING WHEELS BATMAN!

Batman…and BARTMAN! I want one!


Transformers….More Than Meets The Eye!!! I always wanted this Optimus Prime as a kid, and never got it! DARN YOU Santa Clause, DARN YOU! 

vinyl toys are wicked cool, and buffmonster is cooler.

a huge Iron Monger!!! this would be awesome to have in the CAPD, or my living room.

I think comic-con is the only place a dude can walk around with a realistic looking military assault weapon and everyone feels “safe”.

snake eyes is rad, YO JOE!!! GI-JOE the movie drops next year folks! I have been waiting for this one.

I HAVE THE POWER!!!!…….Oh sorry, I can’t touch it?, sorry…

Thanks for the photos Julez!!! You Rock!

Oh yeah, there were also some custom painted cars from the “M-Pire”,  but YOU DON’T WANT TO SEE THOSE!!! (Waves hand in front of screen, using the force.)

See you next year suckaz!

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