GT-R tooling model — comments from Nissan

This the latest in our ongoing series following the production of a die-cast 1:24 Nissan GT-R from start to finish.

The hand-made tooling model was submitted to Nissan who is requiring only a few corrections before we “cut steel” (make the molds):

1. Please remove the antenna.

2. The [hood scoop] opening appears too big — please make the openings smaller and position a little back.

3. The duct is being mounded abruptly agains the engine hood — please make the mound smoother along the surface of the engine hood. The mound should be bumped less toward the front (point indicated in blue).

4. The bumper looks dented toward the left (where indicated with red in the left image) — please correct accordingly.

5. The bumper should be angled according to the blue line.

You can bet that the Nissan designers took a very close look at our model so it’s gratifying to find that they only found a few things to be improved. We’ll make the changes and resubmit it to Nissan.

3 thoughts on “GT-R tooling model — comments from Nissan

  1. Anthony, thanks for your interest. We’ll be announcing our 2009 later this year but can’t say anything about our plans at this time.

  2. I just found this blog, very cool. I especially like the photos of the oversized tooling models, could you post more of these? Also cool to see the manufacturers comments. When will your 2009 line-up be posted? I have the 2009 Challenger concept, and own a 1:1 2009 Black Challenger, will the production version get a 1:18th treatment??

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