someone ask for some MotoGP?

seems like we received a comment regarding 2008 MotoGP motorcycles recently. who are we to not fulfill the requests of our loyal readers? have a look at the 2008 versions of Honda Repsol and Ducati – the Yamaha is not too far behind these…


8 thoughts on “someone ask for some MotoGP?

  1. Great replicas. Now that you have ’em, send some my way into Mexico. I’ll sure would buy the complete MotoGP line…

    Ducati TriColore Gascap looks nice…

  2. i agree!! cant wait to see them!! thanks for hearing us! the members over at will LOVE hearing the latest info!! thanks so much for the response! a rizla suzuki would absolutely blow me away…. not only because you guys would be the first to produce one (not guiloy, not saico, not welly, not solido/majorette, not new ray… NO ONE that i know of, has produced a rizla suzuki.) but mainly because you guys do an absolutely awesome job on every bike you make, street or race! gotta give the props where they’re due! keep us updated on race bikes! love to read about it… and that gascap line looks great, but im having a hard enough time finding the fresh metal 1098 tricolore as it is!!!! HA!! thanks again guys!

  3. Love the new MotoGP’s too… I’m another Diecast Exchange member and I’m here to back up Hickhamt on what he said as well. It’s always been a desire to have a Suzuki MotoGp bike, but thanks to Hickhamt now we know why. Hope to see some more custom bikes whether it’s from the magazine or you guys. Keep up the great work!!!!!!!

  4. Will you guys consider racing 1:18 racing figures??? they don’t have to move. Or just figures period for the Diorama guys. Nothing to complicated just leather jacket and jeans. If you ever want it in detail please e-mail me and I’ll give you the whole layout of suggestions that are quite nice and not drastic.

  5. Nice 2008 Motogp bikes! I’m from the Philippines. Can’t Wait to grab them off the shelves once it becomes available. I also support the suggestion for the Rizla Suzuki bikes and hopefully all the other satellite teams. And I hope you also produce some special editon motogp bikes or variants in design for example Rossi’s Yamaha YZR-M1 Assen GP 2007 (Italian flag colors design) that’s a nice bike! Hoping for more Motogp bikes. Thanks Maisto!

  6. hi… i’ve been checking back every once in a while and havent seen any updates on MotoGP… got ANY updates at all? new bikes? riders? teams? anything in talks? with suzuki.. or anyone? thanks!!!! cant wait to see what’s next… also, i’ve noticed that the 2008 bikes were alot fewer in number than previous years… did maisto lose some licensing? i’d love to know what’s up in the 1/18th race bike world… THANKS!

  7. hey there.. i collect motogp collection from maisto.. don mine me , can u mail me the list of all your motogp products from the beginning when rossi was with honda till up to date?

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