Some people…

we all see it everyday, people taking art that doesn’t belong to them and posting it on a blog or using it as a picture on a website, but hey when it happens to us…Maisto, we don’t like it and we don’t take it lightly. Especially when they blatantly use the exact same artwork, with a minor, very minor change.

this work was created by me for the front of a Maisto Outlaws t-shirt, you’ll see the original artwork first, then the fake/copy version after sporting some new verbage about “staying true”. how does one “stay true”, when you steal someone else’s artwork? a question for you all to ponder. down with the fakes!!!!

I would post the link to their page, but i don’t want to give them any kind of recognition or spike in traffic. if you want to look it up, just google it. don’t mess with the bull buddy…


2 thoughts on “Some people…

  1. give ’em hell castro – nobody messes with us and gets away with it. we’ll take it to the highest court in the land. i think that is the n.b.a.

  2. And…they totally screwed it up. I don’t have a single creative graphical bone in my body and I could have done a better patch job then that in Photoshop!

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