Die Cast, Die Cast – I feed on Die Cast!

quotable words for sure from our friend rodolfo. while the designers are off for yet another food-fest at one of fontana’s finest, we are here for you, rodolfo, and all other fine connoisseurs of delectable, delicious die-cast. here are some recently received photos of production pieces right off the lines in China – enjoy! first on the buffet line, how about some 1:18 scale – starting off with the lamborghini superleggera

and for our next little taste treat – how about something spicy from bavaria, a pair of allstar bmw m5s

and because we are watching our waistline (grow) these days, just one more little morsel – something to get our blood pressure going and maybe burn off a few of those calories, like say the 1/18 Honda Gresini motorcycle from the MotoGP circuit???

i’m feelin’ stuffed. what’s for dinner?


9 thoughts on “Die Cast, Die Cast – I feed on Die Cast!

  1. It sure makes me hungry.
    It is a feast with the Superleggera, I´ll pass on the BMW dubs as they are not my cup of tea, and have a nice dessert with MotoGP for sure. There´s always room for Jell-o.
    Keep on feeding me amigos!

  2. Guys!! MORE MOTOGP!!!!!!!
    we forum members over at http://www.diecastxchange.com have been posting about how we’re missing and dieing for the new 08 motogp bikes… and about the hunt for the ducati 1098 tricolore… as in it’s very hard to find! Would love to see more Motogp teams and makers… is it hard to get licensing from bike makers? i see Suzuki street bikes in the line up, but no Superbike or Motogp bikes… can someone blog about how you guys go about getting ideas and licensing for teams and riders? that’d be a cool bit of information!

    Thanks for everything! love my Maistos!!!


  3. thanks for the comments tony. this year has been real tricky for licensing motogp – first there was the tax issue with rossi, then the bike makers wanted more control over the 3rd party brands on the bike – a huge headache to be sure. it’s getting better – rossi is now on board, ducati negotiations are done, including superbike, and honda is pretty much set. target will be your best place to see it all, but it will probably be fall by the time the new stuff hits retail. suzuki is silent – we got the team manager from rizla to respond to us, but nothing from japan, so no go for now.

  4. Can’t wait for the new MotoGP BIKES! Any chance we’ll see them in 1/12 scale? Also, does Maisto have any plans to make the new Corvette ZR1 in 1/18 scale form?

  5. 1/12 won’t happen, as the important bikes are tied up by other manufacturers.
    However… 1/10 is defintely happening, and Stoner is already available. we’ll have a small selection this year.

  6. A 1/18 Scuderia Ferrari would be delecious, heck, I’d settle for a 1/64 version.

    Mmmmm – a 1/18 with figure…

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