Adios Sonya…

maisto is losing one of it’s favorites today as sonya j is off, off, and away in search of greener pastures. she says she is heading with her family to georgia, we think the state and not the country between turkey and russia, but we can’t be too sure. sonya handled all of the licensing administration work for us, and was my admin assistant for the last 5 1/2 years. she kept me in line and handled all of her tasks flawlessly. we have high hopes for her replacement, liz, who sonya helped train for the last week and a half. good luck sonya, we’ll miss you!


One thought on “Adios Sonya…

  1. Sonya did an outstanding job in submitting our products and packaging to the licensors and then keeping up all of the paperwork needed to document it. She also was great at prodding licensors when they were a little slow to speed up our reviews. In addtion, she was a whiz at making travel reservations for the sales and design departments. We’ll miss her!

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