Toy Fair Cars Past and Present

let me start by saying, i’m no collector. probably kind of wierd for the job i have, and it would probably upset some of you to know what stuff i see, and let pass through my hands. once in a while i hang on to something, but usually, it just drifts away.

so before my maisto toy fair car samples drift away, (and it was hell finding all of these) i thought we would post them so you could all see the different designs we have done since 1997. certainly not for sale anywhere, these toys were given away at the hong kong, nuremberg germany, and new york toy fairs. do any of you have any of these??? the cars are from 1997 – 2008 – anyone want to give a suggestion for 2009?


5 thoughts on “Toy Fair Cars Past and Present

  1. I have the Limos, the 760, and the Rod. Love them all. I like the idea of the classic flat bed, a 50 merc would also be a good choice.

  2. hi my name is Oliver and
    I am 6 years old,
    at school we are learning
    about toys from the past.
    And I found some on
    your website.
    Thank you

  3. hellos, everyone mi name is chris and im interested in the maisto r/c mercedes benz slr mclaren 1/10 i love it im really looking foward to having it lol

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