Project 66 – Unboxed

that was some weekend, wasn’t it? seems like it is still going on in some ways, like in how we haven’t posted for what seems like a month – well nothing breaks a o-for blog streak like a good old fashined unboxing. this time, we took home a brand spanking new Project 66.

i took this home last thursday, and let me tell you, my daughter was thrilled – here you can just see it on her face

i am not sure what she was planning on, but it would seem this was not it. at any rate, she was a good sport about it and helped me take the thing out of the box

we were real happy to see the extra darts included in the package (especially after our dog got hold of one of them). then we took the controller out of the styrofoam and assembled it

the package comes with a lenticular card which shows the transformation of the vehicle – here is a crappy picture of the card

interesting side note on the card – most 3-d cards change from left to right – if you move the card from left to right and back you see the change in picture. but we do things just a little different – our card actually changes top to bottom – not sure why we needed to be different with this aspect, but there you go…

so next, you have everything out of the package

and of course, the requisite beauty shot…

that is one bad-a** machine. we took a video of the firing action below, that was after we messed around firing at the dogs – they loved it, really…

Project 66 Home Movie

and last, cause we want to use it wherever we can, the commercial for Street Troopers…

Street Troopers Ad


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