Two Contests (Almost) Announced

a happy fourth to ya’all. i was just chillin’ getting ready to head over to the genius bar at the apple store to fix my mbp speakers and blue-tooth, and realized we were working on a couple of things we should share with everyone.

first, our maisto around the world series is pretty popular, and we like seeing how everyone displays our products. we got the idea a week or so ago to offer a contest to retailers – send us your coolest maisto display pictures, and get mentioned in the blog as well as entered to win our retail display of the year. winners gets a prize package of maisto stuff, as well as the huge ego boost associated with such a prize. details to be announced soon.

we are also kicking around a consumer version of this contest – send in a picture of your maisto (yeah – we’ll accept pix of our twin sistah from a different mother bburago) collections, and maybe we can throw some swag your way also. of course we’ve got to get the legal stuff taken care of, but keep checking back, we’ll try to get everything ironed out in the next 2 weeks.

the 3rd contest is already underway, but is a little more internal, and definitely NO prize package involved. well, other than that ego boost mentioned above.

we are creating the maisto 2009 catalog cover, and all of the designers are hard at work finalizing their concepts to present to management this week. the 2008 cover, courtesy of jose, is pictured above (and poorly photoshopped by your’s truly). we have already received 1 concept from d-mex, and as expected, it is en fuego!!! we’ll post some of the concepts over the summer, and announce the winner sometime before our global sales meeting in september.

that’s it – have a strong holiday.


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