so we headed out to lunch today and r2b2 had his heart set on some chicken, not just any chicken but a nice chic-fil-a chicken sandwich. lunch on any day is usually pretty simple, dimex brings his little school box lunch that his wonderful mom packed for him, and r2b2 and i usually just head out, cause we like pretty much the same stuff, while the rest of the guys either bring a lunch or head home cause they live less than 5 min. away….(JOSE). sometimes, however, guys like dimex throw a wrench into the program because they don’t want to go with the flow. so today dimex throws some ideas out and we all about ignore him until he recommends Great Khans, a mongolian joint in the nearby mall. r2b2 and myself immediately agree because it’s one of our favorites.

so i piled mine up, u know how we do, and i tend to pickup more veggies, cause i prefer a 1 part meat to 3 part veggie ratio. r2b2 likes to pile it all on, we’re talking 4:4 lots ‘o meat, lots ‘o veggies. i had to pass him in line cause he was still stackin his meat. dimex, well, who cares what he does, he’s at the end of the line.

so here is r2b2’s bowl, flowing in delectable meats and greenery. i think we will call it…Mount VeggiePineappleConCarne!

this lady behind the tappan grill knows how to throw down! like dimex said, “it was extra juicy!”

so finally we sat down to chow, and us being creatives, started immediately talking about how the logo looked like a kids logo, it reminded us of preschool letters, i guess it’s to attract everyone, very colorful. i mentioned how if i owned a mongolian restaurant, i would make it very “heavy metal”, with sharp stakes with heads on them adorning the top (cartoony of course!, i’m not an animal) and the most vicious, brutal logo of a 3-D mongol popping out of the top hovering over the patrons, like he is reaching out to devour them! this would rule!

and of course the person behind the grill would be dressed in full mongolian body armor, and he wouldn’t talk to the patrons, he would just yell and scream a lot. i think people would come from miles around just to take a picture in this place, let alone dine there.

dimex, r2b2, and myself were in deep conversation of how this place would look and the whole mongol atmosphere. we even came up with some mongol names for ourselves. Ralph “The Greedy” Khan, he wanted “the pillager”, but we disagreed, “Mexi-Khan” for dimex and Castro “The Endless Garbage” Khan.


3 thoughts on “Lunch with the MONGOLIAN DESIGN HORDE

  1. rodolfo – could not agree more. more die-cast, less food. trust me, they did not come up with any inspiration after this lunch, only indigestion.

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