die-cast x visits the ranch

last friday we had the distinct privilege and pleasure to welcome alan paradise, jefe in charge of die-cast x, the BEST consumer magazine for die-cast on the planet. alan came out to talk all things die-cast, state of the industry, and to see what we had going on as it related to future projects.

the first thing alan did was to drop off some of the fall 2008 copies of die cast x – 

and of course, as with every issue of die-cast x, open to the inside cover and you have THE feature ads, one for maisto and 1 for our twin sistah from a different mother, bburago. all ads generated out of the friendly confines of fontana…

after some serious soul-searching into our industry, and talking about trends(?) and possibly some future collaborations, it was off to lunch with the pd gang, which really, is what it is all about – that’s alan in between b-rad and d-mex, discussing the economy and the price of oil with professor charles…

then alan dropped off his wish list of samples for the next issue, which of course i cannot share with you, as you would figure out what the next issue is all about. needless to say, though, if you want to read about all things die-cast, as well as some other cool stuff in the auto industry, look no further than die-cast x, also available on the web at :

die cast x magazine

thanks alan!


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