hey, if you can afford a lamborghini…

i’ve always liked these types of mash-ups. take a high-end brand, say lamborghini, and match it up with another high-end brand, say versace, and see what you have. it would stand to reason if you can afford a murcielago lp 640 roadster, your not going to have any trouble stepping up to the Versace edition.

this edition will include, for the first time, a transparent engine hood, as well as, and i quote from the press release, “cradle seats are clad in black and white leather, while opulent full grain soft nappa leather – hand-embroidered with the Versace Greek fret motif – upholsters the instrument panel, the doors and the central console.” seriously, i want to be able to have descriptions like that roll off my tongue before i die.

not only will there be a car, but lamborghini and versace will be teaming up on a line of leather luggage, beautifully adorned with both logos on the palladium-engraved tag.

if you are looking for the luggage, i’ll see you down at the versace boutique’s, or at selected lamborghini showrooms. if you want one of the cars, it is made to order…


One thought on “hey, if you can afford a lamborghini…

  1. WOW!!
    They really know how to knock a girl over!! Now I can get a car to match my bag!!

    LOL!! I only WISH I could afford either one. Thanks for the drool-a-licious pics!!

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