Is it art or graffiti?

It’s not often that a toy company’s products get related to art at a national museum but Maisto has done it.

As part of a “Recognize! Hip Hop and Contemporary Portraiture” exhibit at the Smithsonian Institution, Tim “Con” Conlon and Dave “Arek” Hupp were commissioned to create graffiti art for a corridor. A Smithsonian magazine article about it mentioned that the duo had also painted the decoration on some Maisto die-cast trains. See the story at

The Enamelized line of defaced graffiti-decorated trains is no longer in production but you might still be able to locate them at retailers. They are a series of 5″ long freight and passenger cars that were made under the direction of Roger Gastman who wrote the Enamelized book (enami.htm)


2 thoughts on “Is it art or graffiti?

  1. Its art and graffiti but more of a urban art but is base off of the concept of art, that features; lines, colors, and etc.

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