2009 Nissan GT-R (A Closer Look)

So we’re sitting here this morning scarfing down some doughnuts before a quick monday morning meeting, when low and behold some boxes come in and it quickly catches our attention. 

Did someone order some tools? And what’s with that creepy Mexican puppet? Oh that’s Cantinflas!

See that…Ooh, that’s perdy! She travel’s first class!

Here is a little more detailed shot of the engine, for a 1:24 scale model, and the price point this one is pretty nice!

the old pics didn’t show the details in the clear headlights.

this interior is just as inviting as the real car, extremely detailed and on-point.

here’s a little side-by-side comparison of the tooling model and a 1:24 scale Pro Rodz vehicle. this is the size we work with to get all the details down.


here are some more beauty shots so you can see the detail and accuracy we are putting into this piece.

side view…

don’t forget the rear!



we will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the 2009 Nissan GT-R casting, just stay tuned to the Double D!

11 thoughts on “2009 Nissan GT-R (A Closer Look)

  1. VERY VERY NICE!!!! Glad to see what I had mentioned early was included in the resin sample! Now manufacture this bad boy and get it into stores!!! Great work Maisto Team!!!…BIG CASTRO n Ralph…I am flying out to LA and will be with Jae in La Puente July 1st keep an eye out, might just swing through Fontana!….heh

  2. What scale is that tooling model, 1:12?
    You should make that model also! Is it going to be available on 1:18 (hope so) or only 1:24?
    It is coming nicely [Except the engine ;( ]

  3. Good work guys. Maisto may want to look at cornering the market and producing a 1:12 version. At the reasonable price point that Maisto are known for, this would sell like hotcakes in that scale.

  4. i love the new skyline GTR 35 hope that it be soon to see the model on sale coz can’t wait to get on myself a skyline GTR lover

  5. This is going to be one hot seller! May I suggest it be available in more than one color, maybe white, black and silver?

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