Maisto Around The World- Next Stop: Dubai

remember back a few posts ago, where we showed you some awesome photographs of a tru store from our distributor in UAE? it included this massive globe perched atop the department?

ok – you remember that one? well, just last week dubai held their annual toy show, and of course we were a part of it. our team also went out to visit some retail stores, and here is some of what they found.

first off, i was told to quit whining about the temp in nyc, as it got to over 105 in dubai. ouch. here are some more up to date photos of retail stores in dubai – i don’t think this one is the tru…

but i am pretty sure the 2 following shots are from tru…

and will you check out that floor? that can’t be making laker fans too happy to be seeing this right now – 

just thinking out loud here, but there have got to be some awesome retail presentations of our products throughout the world, either great designs or just our products in the most improbable places. i’m thinking contest… think i’ll throw that one out to the bosses and see if it sticks. we’ll let you know if it does.


6 thoughts on “Maisto Around The World- Next Stop: Dubai

  1. How come it doesn’t look like this in America? Come on consumers…get out there and buy your Maisto and Bburrago toys and collectables!

  2. ok thanks skidkid i appresheat it i really would like to go there the store looks amazing and im a big fan of maisto diecast models

  3. Hello
    I am from azerbaijan
    I have very big toy shops in azerbaijan.
    I wont to work with your company.
    Please sent me the adress where i can buy your product in DUbai, ABudabi. Sharja.
    Best regar for everythink

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