I Have A Confession…

i try to keep my personal stuff separate from work. i try really hard. but then castro threw up a post with that damn cute kid of his, and r2b2 followed up with a damn cute pic of r2b3 playing with some cars, and well, i just felt like i had to get personal with y’all, and to do it now before any further damage was caused.

last week, in the throws of laker-mania, before they blew the 4th game by epic proportions, castro posted about the lakers and how strong we were in supporting them.

i must remove the we from that post, for i, ladies and gentlemen, am a life-long BOSTON CELTIC FAN! here is a small pic from my garage (of course the mrs doesn’t let this crap in the house…)

yep, thats a pic of larry legend holding dr. j by the throat. good times, good times. my affinity goes way back, and spans generations, back to the days of the greatest competitor of all time, bill russell

so what does this have to do with die-cast, with radio control, with business? nuthin, other than i’m out to go catch the last nba game of the season. go green.




7 thoughts on “I Have A Confession…

  1. To Boston
    To the Minnesota Kevins, McHale and KG
    To Russell and Ray Allen
    To Len Bias and Reggie Lewis
    To Cowens and Cousy
    To KC and Doc
    To Parish and Pierce
    and Posey and Powe
    To DJ and PJ
    To Sam Jones and JoJo White
    and Red’s cigars
    To Rondo
    To Hondo (much love)
    To French Lick
    To Gatorade showers on parquet floors
    To wicked D
    To the 17x Champions Boston Celtics
    Go Green

  2. Absolutely Rodolfo! Good call! I think we need to bring this blog back to die cast and leave the sports to ESPN. What do you collect in die cast Rodolfo? Can you post some of your favorites? And of course, your Bburago and Maisto favorites too!

  3. whatever. sounds like disgruntled laker fans, but who am i to say. plenty of other posts on this site not related to b-ball.

  4. My latest the Reventón and the Superleggera. The problem is…I have not seen them, they are at my parent´s house, and I live far from them 😦
    Down here in México we don´t see many new releases. My latest purchase was a Porsche 911 GT1 Zakspeed from Maisto from 1998…

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