3G iPhone….WHAT?


Apple introduces the new iPhone 3G

The new iPhone 3G combines all the revolutionary features of iPhone with 3G networking, built-in GPS, and iPhone 2.0 software that supports Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync and runs hundreds of third party applications built with the iPhone SDK. Available in 22 countries on July 11, iPhone 3G comes in two models: an 8GB model priced at $199 (US) and a 16GB model priced at $299 (US).


Yes, I was one of the first to rush out and buy the 1st generation iPhone, and it really didn’t bother me when they dropped the price shortly after. The rest of the CAPD soon followed the dream that is owning the coolest damn phone on the planet! I am so looking forward to the 2.0 software update. The new price drop and upgrades are making me drool a little. We are a little gadget crazy over here, so we thought we’d share the awesomeness! This makes us here in the CAPD very excited. I think I’ll take 2!



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