AllStars Red 100 – Pure Yumminess in 1:64 scale

The other day, i was in the cage, aka the capd design room, just hanging wit’ my boyz (i always start talking like that after coming out of the cage, mostly because of talking with charles…)
anyway, i was giving the group grief over the DD, as you will notice it is mostly Castro and I that are doing the blogging. So B-Rad, our lead graphics designer who creates some of the most kick-a** designs on many of our 1:64 and 1:24 custom shop stuff, pipes up and says we have pictures of ALL of the production of the AllStars Red 100, the 1:64 line that we are selling exclusively to Target. i tell him it is the PERFECT opportunity to create a blog. never have the production pieces ever been photographed together. so then we have discussion about what to write, and he is obviously lost. has no idea what to write about. and I tell him what – like anybody cares what we write – it’s a visual thing, give me some photos and we’ve got a winning post.
so here they are, the AllStar Red 100 – coming soon to a Target near you.

note 1 – the fold-out poster that comes with each AllStar Red product is available for download on our web-site at


note 2: the original plan calls for the 100 different vehicles to be released over the course of 2 years. but we just design the stuff, sales/operations handles the distro. looks like we have made 2 releases so far, #3 is due in here next week…

note #3 – ok, in between note #2 and the loading of the picture above, we came up with the plan to list the releases up on the site – brilliant! we’ll get the past releases up next week, and update as a release happens…

yep, thats 100 of them. just lovely, isn’t it? Remember – they are available exclusively at Target – hope you enjoy them…



13 thoughts on “AllStars Red 100 – Pure Yumminess in 1:64 scale

  1. Yes kids! The Target 100 chase vehicles do exist. Those would be the ones with red windows – tires – interior – wheels and oh yeah…paint. Oh! There is also a special cloaked 50 Merc, in silver with red tires scrappin’ around the pegs of Target. Happy hunting everyone!

  2. These are all sick, now imagine you owned all of them. Just pretend, which one would you drive the most? Who’s going to be the first to collect them all? I already started with the white Scion XB. Peace Keep up the good work Brado or should I say “BARD”

  3. Well…the PURE RED vehicles do look very cool! I like how you guys at Maisto do the solid white…or solid black…and now solid red vehicles!

  4. So you have a two tier system of chase vehicles? The ’50 Merc cloaked in silver is that a lower production number and is it supposed to be harder to find than the solid red cars? Is that the only one to be released in that manner? Thanks.

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