The Double D’s 1st 50 —–Ce-le-brate Good Times C’mon!!!

hard to believe, but the daily dose’s first 50 posts are now in the books. officially. as of this one. it only took us 62 days to come up with 50 entries.
i guess there are two schools of thought on that – on 1 side, we have r2b2

his pov of the “Daily” of the Daily Dose is that readers will look at it daily.

Then you have the pov of my daughter, the G of CCDG,

who thinks Daily means you better be posting something daily or else the readers won’t be stopping by.
whatever school you belong to, we are just happy that anyone stops by to read a post and especially to offer a comment. we’re not going to put in writing and predictions on the next 50, other than:

… we are sure rmbe is going to step up and OWN the next 50 posts (he had, um, 3 in the first 50)

… we are reasonably certain r h b is not going to steal ANY of CASTRO’s posts and call them his own (considering his lead of 20 posts to 15 for CASTRO it is unnecessary)(at this point in time).

…and last, we are also certain that charlesmaisto’s posts on the GT-R will continue to be the most popular

in any event, please enjoy. we do. and any reason to take a look at kool and the gang has got to be all good, right???


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